Friday, October 19, 2018
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Lessons Learned About Resources

Learn More about Building Social Media Campaign for Realtors.

For realtors, they can use social media to their advantage in their digital marketing efforts. This is not due to the fact by 2019, social media users are expected to reach over 27 billion. Actually, social media would be a good medium for interacting with the clients. For example, blogs may be expressive thereby providing an opportunity for partnering and sharing your content as an agent or a realtor.

A social media campaign that is used well helps to leverage your other digital marketing channels such as websites and blogs. Again, social media would also be a good component for your SEO campaign and pay-per-click campaigns. Actually, social media should not intimidate you. To start off, however, here is a quick guide.

1. Who is your target client?

Every marking effort is likely to succeed if designed for a specific type of audience. However, creating good punchline would also be hard when you don’t have a specific audience. Before you can begin using social media campaigns, determine your target audience. For instance, do you want to engage newly retired couples? Do you want families seeking rent or own option? Is your target people who want to own a home for the first time?

When identifying your client, therefore, you need to be very specific. Such clients may be found through surveys, feedback from clients, and personal research. This is because when you learn more about your client, the more you have a targeted content. This is because personalized and targeted content allows your customers to know better and you are also able to maintain current client.

2. What is your end goal?

In most cases, people see social media as an endless campaign for posting content every day to get new clients. Instead, social media is used to build distinct campaigns for specific end goals. At the same time, these campaigns can have short timelines of two days, a month or six months. Also, you need to determine your expected result in every specific campaign. For example, are you expecting more subscription for your newsletter or you want to convert your followers into clients?

Often, most realtors experience difficulty identifying the specific end goal in social media marketing. For this reason, most realtors juggle numerous marketing campaigns.

3. Your content should be rich.

The building block for any marketing campaign is the content. Therefore, you need to share links regularly, status updates, and blog posts. Basically, a rich content is essential because you will find both relevant content and one that is less relevant in the social media. Because of this, your content need to be concise, intriguing, and intelligent.