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Learning The Secrets About Options

Water Jet Cutting – Why Opt for This Service

Water jet cutting services can be used for cutting various materials and are commonly used in engineering as well as building circles. Water jet and laser jet cutting differ in more ways than one. Understanding their differences is helpful for the hobbyist and professional alike when choosing the cutting method that would be perfect for their needs in particular.

Water jet is able to cut materials all the way through with the use of a very high pressured spurt of water. The required high degree of pressure is obtained by pushing the water via a very small opening at a maximum of 60,000 psi. To boost the action of cutting, an additional material, garnett, is mixed with the water to enhance the abrasion.

The resultant cutting action is the same as when water naturally cuts its way through the ground and forms river beds over many hundred years, but done in a quick and accurate manner.

With its “abrasive cutting” technique, water jet can successfully cut through various materials and many different thicknesses, when compared to laser jet cutting that can only cut through a limited selection of thicknesses or materials on which it’s effective.

Water jet can cut through concrete, granite, marble, fiberglass, plastics and rubbers, wood, composites, and metals such as aluminum, steel, copper, titanium and others.

The thickness can be to a maximum of 8″ and tolerances between 0.005″ to 0.010″, as determined by the material.

Water jet cutting does not use heat, that is why it is perfect for materials that have been damaged or badly affected when heat is applied. It keeps the material’s structural integrity intact, which means it may be used on wood, plastics, and other types of materials in which the laser cutter cannot be used.

Because the lateral and downward pressure performed whenever cutting through the material is almost negligible, this means there are no more fixturing expenses or further hassles.

When you choose the correct cutter to use for your construction or engineering project, you will be able to save time and money, plus the expenditure brought about by the need to replace a length or sheet of material as a result of an inaccurate cut.

Unless you are certain, you should spend some time to talk with a water jet cutting company that will have a good knowledge of the choices and is in a position to offer a good explanation on your available solutions according to your needs in particular. Water jet cutting may be exactly what you need for your construction or engineering project.

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